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Our SILVERBEE coating provides extra support to bottom of Bakeware to prevent it getting from deep scratches or rust.

SILVERBEE is made from good quality heat resistance polymers which has heat resistance from 300 to 600 degree Celsius.

This SILVERBEE formula is used in bakewares to give extra coating strength to bottom surface.

SILVERBEE also offers optional enhancers to provide optimal performance in specific operations:

• Exterior Bakeware Coating – To improve heat absorption, protect the bottom of the bakeware and provide easier cleaning of bakeware’s bottom.

• Corrosion Prevention Additive – To improve resistance to corrosion in wet environments.

• Extended Bottom Life – With extra coating support, bakeware’s bottom surface is prevented from deep scratches and rust for a longer duration.

• Cost Effective – In many high-volume operations, SILVERBEE coating can pay for itself in less than one year.

• Improved Sanitation – Grease and oil layer can be easily taken off from bakeware’s bottom surface.

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