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Our RHYNOCOAT is a silicon based, non-stick and non-toxic coating that is responsibly manufactured and derived from naturally occurring minerals.

RHYNOCOAT complies with known regulations for food contact as it does not have any property of PTFE/PFOA/PFAS.

RHYNOCOAT coating sets the standard for silicone release coating and can be used on all bakewares to get release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes.

RHYNOCOAT has excellent release properties and resistance to corrosion. However, exposure to excess heat or moisture and contact with plant equipment or practices that cause abrasion of the coating can shorten the life of your bakewares. Following these handling requirements will minimize the risk of damaging your bakewares and maximize the life of your coated bakewares.

Color Options –

• Grey Metallic

This RHYNOCOAT formula is used in bakewares for up to 1500 releases in Buns & Bread and up to 1000 releases in Cakes and Muffins (under coating maintenance).

RHYNOCOAT also offers optional enhancers to provide optimal performance in specific operations:

• Reduce Costs – Use bakeware and equipment longer and reduce or eliminate secondary release agents such as oil, silicone mats, and paper.

• Decrease Cleaning Time – Enjoy minimal maintenance and cleaning.

• Increase Efficiency – Experience fewer work stoppages and handling errors.

• Increase Productivity – Increase yield and reduce waste from depanning issues.

• Improve Product Quality – Ensure product consistency through improved dough flow and release.

• Increase Safety & Cleanliness – Create a safer environment with reduced fire hazards due to elimination of oils and grease.

• Enhance Sustainability – Limit environmental impact by reducing scrap levels, reducing consumption of oils and prolonging the life of your pans.

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