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We at DAZZLE having in-house R&D division in which we comprise creative and systematic work undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge and to devise new applications of available knowledge.

With our persistent investment in R&D as well as in production equipment’s, we are able to develop and supply much wider range of BAKEWARES. With plenty of ready designs and ability to develop new to make your customized ideas come into realization. 

DAZZLE R&D covers three types of activity –

• Basic Research
• Applied Research
• Experimental Development

DAZZLE R&D is always aimed at new findings, based on original concepts. It is largely uncertain about its final outcome; it is planned for & budgeted, and it is aimed at producing results that could be traded in a marketplace.

DAZZLE R&D team is working with multi national companies to develop bakewares according to their need.

DAZZLE R&D division is in-charge for making all BAKEWARES dies in-house with latest CNC Machines & Tools.

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