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Coated Bakewares

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Refurbishment – Coated Bakewares


A proper cleaning solution removes heavy oil layer and carbon from bakewares.


Hydraulic presses with custom made dies remove dents and warping, restoring bakewares to their original shape.

Coating Removal

A proper removal solution removes the existing non-stick coating from bakewares.


Bakewares are restored to pristine cleanliness.


Bakewares are dried in industrial ovens.

Re-Coating | Top

BAKEWARES are then coated with our ULTRASHIELD or AMEERICOAT or RHYNOCOAT coating as per baking product requirement and cured in high-temperature conveyor oven.

Re-Coating | Bottom

BAKEWARES bottom side is also coated with our SILVERBEE coating to prevent tray from getting deep scratches & rust and cured in high-temperature conveyor oven.


Bakewares will be dispatched from our unit.

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