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AMEERICOAT coating is available in fluoropolymer formula to provide optimal release for products which have very sticky doughs or extreme heat conditions.

Our AMEERICOAT lasts approximately five times longer than other coatings, which provide the longest lasting release life and the best release characteristics for baked goods from buns and rolls to breads and cakes.

Color Options –

• Black Metallic
• Brown Metallic

This AMEERICOAT formula is used in bakewares for up to 3000 releases in Buns & Bread and up to 2000 releases in Cakes and Muffins (under coating maintenance).

AMEERICOAT also offers optional enhancers to provide maximum performance in specific operations:

• Consistent Product Quality – AMEERICOAT is formulated for specific products, dough characteristics or baking processes to ensure that the result is perfectly baked and released product time after time.

• Superior Product Quality – AMEERICOAT provides excellent dough flow which produces a beautifully browned, perfectly baked product.

• Increased Yield- Products baked on AMEERICOAT coated BAKEWARES release effortlessly, which significantly reduces waste and damaged product.

• Decreased Operating Costs – For many products the need for release agents is significantly reduced or eliminated, saving your operation money.

• Extended Release Life – Some bakers have achieved 3000 continuous releases without re-coating.

• Cost Effective – In many high-volume operations AMEERICOAT coating can pay for itself in less than one year.

• Improved Sanitation – Release agents and oils typically used to enhance release are unnecessary.

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